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FY15 Funding Helping Export Markets for U.S. Agriculture


USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Wednesday USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service has awarded funding to more than 60 organizations in the U.S to help expand commercial export markets for American products. Through the Market Access Program, the Foreign Agricultural Service will provide $173.2 million to 62 nonprofit organizations and cooperatives. The program, which focuses on consumer promotion, including brand promotion for small companies and cooperatives, is used extensively by organizations promoting fruits, vegetables, nuts, processed products, and bulk and intermediate commodities.

Secretary Vilsack stated “The Market Access and Foreign Market Development Programs help agricultural organizations representing thousands of producers and businesses open and grow markets for American products.” An independent study released in 2010 found that trade promotion programs like MAP and FMD provide $35 in economic benefits for every dollar spent by government and industry on market development. The past six years represent the strongest period for U.S. agricultural exports in the history of the United States.