Home Market Market Watch Gary Wilhelmi 6/8/2012 Update 2

Gary Wilhelmi 6/8/2012 Update 2


11:57 update

Six senate leaders propose a $ 3.7 billion deficit reduction program as we approach a fiscal cliff with Bush tax cuts to expire, spending cuts needed and entitlement program adjustments.

Our history of success is dismal!!!


11:17 update


Egypt favors Russian wheat

India’s soybean plantings to be 7%–keep an eye on them

German economic data lackluster

Spanish banks downgraded are we next


10:27 update


Spanish banks have been downgraded

Bank of America down 1.9%

Lack of economic incentive troubles meats

Cash hogs steady call but maybe lower next week

535,000 tons of beans old with 60,000Chinaold crop, 350,000 new and 120,000 to 9 Egypt for 11/12

Watch western Kansas wheat harvest results