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Gen Z Emerging as Food Influencers


Move over millennials, the next generation of food industry influencers has arrived. Although members of Generation Z are just now entering adulthood, their impact on the food industry is already being felt, according to a new study. Generation Z, those born from 1997 to present, now represent 27 percent of the U.S. population, a larger group than Millennials. Global information company NPD Group says Gen Zs are unintentional foodies by virtue of their upbringing in a culture that talks about, celebrates, and entertains with food. They are told at an early age what their food can do for them regarding functional and nutritional value, and they value flavor, function, and authenticity over brand and hype. Like Millennials, Gen Zs prefer food with transparent labeling and an absence of artificial ingredients. They are skeptical of big brands and too many label claims.

Meat industry publication Meatingplace reports that this tech-savvy generational group who never knew a world without the internet also seeks personalization and engagement, with functionality like portable foods to meet the needs of their busy lives.

Source: NAFB News Service