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Get Fungicide Timing Right, Crop Enjoys the Benefits


There are benefits to plant health when you opt for a fungicide on your corn and soybeans. Timing of those mid-season applications is important if you are planning on going that direction.

Chad Threewits of Syngenta says the recommendation for corn application is to be done by the brown silk period, “just because we’re trying to maximize that overall grain fill time when that stress may be coming in. Pollination is a very important time in that corn life cycle. On soybeans apply by the time of that R4 timing, or the full pod time in the beans, again, just because we’re trying to get the fungicides on when the soybean is really putting the maximum amount of energy into pod fill and seed fill.”

Threewits tells HAT Miravis Neo is their newest fungicide this year, and consider “looking beyond input costs this year, but with commodity prices, it’s really maximizing return on investment. It was developed to really protect against the hardest to control diseases, therefore giving us higher yields and with high commodity prices even larger returns. It delivers both preventive and curative disease control, longer residual than we’ve seen in the past, and also some plant health benefits that can help protect against stress and stalk quality later this season.”

Always and read and follow label instructions Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status.