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Getting a Good Start to a Successful Corn Crop


Corn harvest in the Midwest faced many challenges last year, and it all started with yet another challenging spring with more challenges during the growing season too. Phil Krieg, agronomy service representative with Syngenta says there is a number one item growers are talking about as we get closer to another planting season.

“The number one thing that growers have on their mind is weed control, making sure that they start clean and stay clean so that they can finish strong. My recommendation to growers is they should definitely sit back and know your weeds, know the biology of those weeds,” he explained.

“When are they going to emerge and how long is their normal emergence throughout the summer. So, in order to control those weeds, we want to employ herbicides that have multiple effective sites of action. That would be a herbicide like Acuron. We know Acuron is the best in crop safety. We have 4 active ingredients, 3 sites of action, and we control over 70 weed species that are important to corn farmers. With that, crop safety, better weed control, and we have proven that we’ve got a yield advantage of 5 to 15 bushels per acre over many of our competitors.”

Always read and follow label instructions. Acuron is a Restricted Use Pesticide.

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