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Getting Ready for #Plant2020 in Northern Indiana


Getting Ready for #Plant2020 in Northern Indiana

The calendar has turned to April and farmers are itching to get in their planter and get some seed in the ground. A relatively dry forecast from HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin might help move along some fieldwork this week.

Marshall County Farm Bureau President Charlie Houin says they are ready to get moving once they can get some good dry-down weather in the northern part of the state.

“We’re getting started with nitrogen. We have a little bit more challenging soils with soils that are wetter that need just a little bit extra time to dry out. I look to actually start putting ammonia on here later on in the week. I think we’ll have some stuff dried out enough that we can start the wheels turning here as the week goes on.”

As for his planting intentions, Houin says the market is dictating that he grow more soybeans this year.

“Just because it’s a cheaper crop to put out. You don’t have that extra nitrogen cost, and really looking at what cash flows with these lower prices is key to making those planting decisions. When I look at what my wish list is for my planting, I want to plant more corn, but the cash flow dictated that I need to plant more soybeans just for fertility reasons.”

When asked about how the COVID-19 pandemic could impact him and his farm operations, Houin said they’ve been able to get everything they need from a seed standpoint, and he feels confident in the chemical suppliers he works with. His only real concern is if his machines break down.

“Instead of going to the parts counter and looking at the part, we’re having to go online and look for parts, and get a part number, and then call in the part number, and then when you get there call them to come out and give you the part. There are some things you’ve got to jump through for safety purposes.”