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Getting the Nitrogen You Need Throughout the Season


Managing soil fertility is important, and nitrogen is a critical nutrient in corn production. Back in 2019, Pivot Bio introduced Pivot Bio PROVEN® to help corn growers with their nitrogen needs.

Pivot Bio Indiana Technical Sales Manager Leron Giesting explains, “Pivot Bio is an ag biological science company. Our focus is primarily on nitrogen. Traditional nitrogen has to be applied sometimes many times throughout the season. Our product is applied once in furrow, and it provides season long additional nitrogen to the plant that is in the ammonia form and it’s in the root zone, so it is there all year. It doesn’t leach and it stays put weather or not.”

Dylan Smith, who farms in Flat Rock, Indiana in Shelby County, says Pivot Bio PROVEN® is working well for him this season.

“After a lot of investigation, a lot of research, I just found it more amazing what one product can do to a corn crop. Our corn that’s got the Pivot Bio on it came up a lot greener, a lot faster, and we can just see the nitrogen going right to it. The corn that didn’t have Pivot Bio on it had somewhat of a struggle coming up with the conditions that we had this spring. It’s not as green, it had more of a yellow content to it, and just has not gotten as tall and as big even when it was planted on the same day in the same field.”

Smith says Pivot Bio PROVEN® is saving him time and money.

“With the Pivot Bio, we’re actually going to save a run through the field and be able to cut maybe our nitrogen one of these days. So, less nitrogen means more time at home with our friends and family, and it’ll save us money through the farming career.”

You can learn more about the benefits of Pivot Bio PROVEN® in the Hoosier Ag Today video with Giesting and Smith above.