Glass Barn Telling the Untold Story of Soybeans


Every year at the Indiana State Fair, thousands of visitors go through the Glass Barn. This year they will learn something they probably did not know about soybeans. The Glass Barn, located on the north side of the Fairgrounds, is the hub of soybean education at the Fair. Funded by the Indiana soybean checkoff, the Glass Barn tells the story of the bean. Indiana Soybean Alliance board member and soybean grower from Shelby County, Phil Ramsey, told HAT the focus of this year’s program is showing consumers soybeans are not just food products, “We want to educate the fair goer about every aspect of the amazing soybean and all the aspects of our lives that the soybean is in.”

The interactive educational displays tell the story of how soy is used in a wide variety of products that people use every day. “The soybean touches almost every aspect of our lives from food, to transportation, to industrial products like sealers, to the cars and farm equipment we use,” said Ramsey. He added most people think farmers just grow soybeans to feed animals, but that is only a part of what the soybean can do.

In addition, Ramsay says the Glass Barn helps connect consumers with farmers, one on one. “We have a farmer here every day they can talk to and we have remote farmer chats with producers right on their farm,” he stated. “We want people to understand we are just like they are, working hard to make a living and produce a product that is safe.”

The Glass Barn is a must visit at the Indiana State Fair.