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GMO Labeling Bill Set for Debate and Vote in U.S. House


The U.S. House is expected to consider and likely pass the Senate’s GMO labeling bill today. The House Rules Committee passed a closed rule on Senate Bill 764, the Genetically Modified Foods Labeling Bill, setting the bill up for debate without amendments and a vote, earlier this week. The White House confirmed Wednesday that President Obama would sign the compromise labeling bill. The legislation requires either an on-package label or smart-label that directs consumers to more information through a smartphone. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has been a big supporter of the smart-label technology included in the bill as a potential compromise to getting the labeling issue resolved.

The bill passed the Senate last week. The House Rules Committee rejected a couple of amendments, and its Republican Chairman, Pete Sessions of Texas, said the House has a lot of work to do before Friday. He expects the House to be in session until well after midnight on Thursday night, but not on Friday. Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern expects the bill to pass the House and be signed by President Obama shortly afterward.

Source: NAFB News Service