Some Very Good Hoosier Corn and Beans in the South


Southern Indiana crop update

Larry TitzerA trip across the southern edge Indiana this week revealed some very good corn and soybean fields where those fields are not in low lying areas. On the Larry and Doug Titzer farm just north of Evansville near the junction of Gibson, Warrick, and Vanderburgh counties, Larry told HAT a good, early start was a lifesaver this year.

“Southern Indiana just in this area has been a lot better off than the area around us, except for the river bottom farmers. They took a big hit this year, but the higher ground, everybody is really pleased with the crop down here this year.”

Like all of Indiana they have had a lot of rain.

“We’ve had above average but not near as much as they’ve had north and south of us. In this part of Warrick County we’ve had quite a bit of rain but nothing like several other farms on the eastern part of the county. We have more hilly ground and it didn’t bother us as bad although we had to spray fungicide on one variety of our beans for a lot of frog eye and different things.”

Fungicide on beans was a first for the Titzers this year, but they felt they needed the extra protection with high humidity and continual rains. He said if August cooperates the expectation is for a great bean crop. The corn crop is also in good shape right now.

Corn in Warrick County July 2015“It’s looking good! I farmed all my life and this is one of the better crops in this area. We had a good corn crop last year and it’s looking like this is going to be as good, I think, so far. It’s outstanding, really.”

Bill Mullen with Seed Consultants was at their replicated research corn plot on the Titzer farm.

“When you think about all the water issues, and there’s a lot of bottom grounds, low lying fields along that stretch of I-64 in southern Indiana, the crops look very good. You don’t see the variability in the fields with corn. It’s pretty uniform, and nice stand out there. The beans are nice and green and healthy. You don’t see any yellow stunted beans. So for a window view in the area that I traveled coming down here, considering all the stresses we’ve had, corn and beans look pretty good.”

Check out the HAT video where Mullen reviews the corn and beans on that farm.