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Good Planning is Important Before Planting, and Seed Treatments are Part of a Good Plan



With spring officially here, the annual dance with the weather begins for farmers getting set to plant. Will it be too wet and muddy, too cold, or plenty dry and warm when the farmer wants to get to the fields? There is a whole lot of time and potential weather issues ahead, but so far this spring in Indiana it has been mostly par for the course.

“We’ve been really lucky compared to other parts of the country, flooding and so forth out west and some of the cool conditions that they’ve had down in Texas and the south. So far here things are good,” says DEKALB and Asgrow technical agronomist Kirsten Thomas-Garriott. Regardless of weather, she is promoting robust seed treatments heading into planting, especially on soybeans.

“One trend that we’ve seen on the upswing the last several years is earlier planting of beans, and lots of growers have had great yields going earlier,” she said. “But again, one thing we need to be mindful of is the increased stress this puts on the crop, so using a robust seed treatment, though that’s not new advice, continues to be one of the best things you can do to get that solid stand establishment. I think we can pretty much count on having some tough conditions at some point when we’re planting early.”

With a goal of uniform stands in both corn and soybeans, Thomas-Garriott says additional value-added seed treatments are worth consideration.

“Some of the newer products that help defend against pests as well as help the crop establish a strong root system and use nutrients more efficiently, those are all things to look at and ask your treatment provider about. A lot of our Indiana folks treat on demand, so you can ask your treatment provider even at this point, what are the treatments that will benefit me the most on my farm, and kind of hone that decision at this point in the game.”

Being nimble, flexible is a must going into planting season. So have a game plan and also sharpen up the Plan B for when curve balls come your way.