Good Planting Windows May Be Hard To Come By


Rain that started Friday continues to work through the state. Sunday should feature the heaviest rain potential of the remaining wet days We can see a quarter to inch over about 70% of the state Sunday. There can be a few scattered to isolated showers shortly after sunrise Monday before the improvement comes. Rain coverage today will be no better than 60%, and through the next two days, we see slightly better rain coverage at 60-70%. However, for the coming 3 days combined, we look for .25”- 1.5” rains over 90% of the state. IF we can get thunderstorms to develop on Sunday (more likely in Ohio than here), that would raise the possibility of some isolated higher rain totals.  The map at right shows rain totals through next Monday midday.

The drier weather begins to take hold Monday midday and afternoon, but clouds still likely hold firm through the day. In fact, clouds are slow to break up even on Tuesday. One change in the forecast this morning is to a drier period through Wednesday and Thursday. In fact, we can see 3-4 dry days in a row next week, before our next system arrives. The midweek event just looks to lose its moisture source, and that is what effectively kills it.

Late next week as we kick off the Memorial Day weekend, we have rain developing. Scattered showers arrive for Saturday the 26th and continue through Sunday the 27th. Rain totals can be .25”-.75” with coverage at 80% of the state. Temps show no sign of backing off…staying mostly normal to above normal through the coming 2 week period.

Extended Period:

Dry weather is back for Memorial Day itself, and then the rest of next week is interesting. On one hand, we have the holiday weekend front trying to clear out the area and bring in drier air, and on the other hand, we see some tropical moisture trying to rise up across the Deep South, and cause some lingering, slow moving showers for the 29th-31st. We like the drier solution right now, as we think it’s too early to see significant tropical moisture on a northern push like this. Also, the models that try and show that are notoriously bad at handling early season tropical moisture. But, either way, we do have a nice front in for late the 1st into the 2nd. That front brings up to half an inch of rain.

Farther out, we likely see a system around midweek the week of the 4th, but our forecast going forward is at least giving some slightly longer windows of drying.

Weeks 3 & 4:

Week 3 features a front at midweek the week of the 4th. This front likely arrives for Wednesday and Thursday and can bring .25”-1” across 80% of the state. Then week 4 is completely dry, with sunshine and blue sky. Temps will be above normal each week.

Week 3


Precipitation (green: above normal, brown: below)
  Temperatures (blue: below normal, orange: above)

Week 4

Precipitation (green: above normal, brown: below)
Temperatures (blue: below normal, orange: above)