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Good Windows to Plant Remain Hard to Achieve



The new HAT planting forecast sponsored by the Indiana Corn and Indiana Soybean Checkoffs and First Farmers Bank and Trust is not a full slate of sunny and warm days. Indiana was starting to rebound this week from weeks of rain, and there was even field work and planting in some locations. Then the overnight Thursday rains came and now we look for the next stretch of dryness that could lead to planting windows. Although some forecasters are bullish about those windows opening soon, HAT chief meteorologist Ryan Martin is not as bullish.

“We just got done with a nice little slug of rain yesterday and should put together a dry Friday,” he said. “Also, we’re looking at a dry first part of Saturday, but moisture coming in Saturday afternoon through the overnight could bring us another quarter to three-quarters of an inch. I think we miss on the heaviest thunderstorm action, and the heavy thunderstorms will be down south of the Ohio River, but this still going to be enough to stop any kind of drying that we can see develop today.”

Martin is forecasting a dry Sunday afternoon through Tuesday period that lacks significant rainfall. But will it actually dry down?

“It looks a lot cloudy to me and we can see a pop-up shower in one or two spots, which also impedes the dry down quite a bit. The next good rain comes on Thursday when we see a tenth to maybe three-quarters of an inch with 90 percent coverage across the state.”

There is a dry window coming next week, but the concern will be how wet it is when the 4-day window arrives, “starting next Thursday and going all the way to Sunday. I think we see partly to mostly sunny skies through that window with good evaporation rates, so really, whether or not we can do any field work, it all comes down to just how much evaporation we can see, and that is going to be hindered by how much rain piles up between now and the end of Wednesday.”

The planting forecast is a regular Friday feature on HAT, brought to you by the Indiana Corn and Indiana Soybean Checkoffs and First Farmers Bank and Trust.