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Good Yields From Kokomo to South Bend, But Some Trouble Spots Too


In parts of north-central Indiana corn harvest is roughly 50-60 percent complete, while soybeans lag a little, probably in the 45-55 percent range. Those are estimates from Daniel Stauffer, Specialty Hybrids local field sales representative in our latest Yield Check.

“Some guys are totally done, some guys have a long, long way to go,” he said. “Obviously there’s that variability every year, but we’re making some good progress and I think as long as this rain doesn’t do too much in the next day or two, we should be able to make a lot more headway.”

The variability extends to actual yields too, but most everywhere you’ll find at least some corn yields in the 200-240 range.

“Some places have seen field averages upwards of that 240 to 265 and even 270 on some of the high productivity acres,” he told HAT. “On the low end where we’ve seen some of the drought-heat stress there in the late part of grain fill as well as where tar spot or crown root rot had really taken effect at the end of summer, I have seen anywhere from 100 up to 165. Those guys were hit pretty hard on some of those acres where they would expect a lot more.”

Stauffer says soybean yields have been very good.

“Some of the tougher acres, lower productivity where maybe they didn’t get the rainfall late summer during the key grain fill time, they’ve seen down in that 50-55 range, but in some really good areas where they put some foliar feed spray on as well as fungicide, we’re seeing upwards of 65–80-bushel beans.”

Again this year fungicide-applied fields are benefiting, and reports range from 10 to 50 bushel advantages in corn, depending on application timing. Hear more from Stauffer in the full HAT Yield Check:

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