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Governor Pence Shells 225 Bushel Corn


Pence on the combine

Neil Mike and TomWednesday was another busy day on the Hoosier highways for Indiana Governor Mike Pence. But it was a special day for him in North Central Indiana, first cutting the ribbon celebrating the opening of the final stretch of the newly opened Hoosier Heartland segment between Logansport and Delphi. Then he hopped aboard a combine and shelled corn at Mylet Farms near Camden in Carroll County. He told HAT the experience was great.

“And I couldn’t be more grateful to the whole Mylet family and to Tom for allowing me to get into that beautiful piece of equipment. The technology that’s involved in agriculture today is really inspiring, and to be able to be a small part of the harvest today was a real joy.”

Prior to his work in the field Pence met with a group of neighboring farmers in the shop and shared his appreciation for their values and Governor Mike Pence and Tom Myletimpact on Indiana.

“Indiana has been many things over our nearly 200 year history, but at our very core Indiana is agriculture. And the values of hard work, of being a good neighbor, of integrity, of commitment to community, those are all things that come from the farm. They come from people who work the land. I really think that we have a lot of sources of strength but ultimately our source of strength in Indiana is the farm and the great tradition of agriculture in this state.”

Tom Mylet rode with Pence in the combine and was please with the yields while they were together.

“It was about 225 that we saw.”

And that is better than corn yields so far this year, currently averaging around 220.

Mylet said it was “absolutely exciting” to have Governor Pence on the farm, “and I can tell you the two rounds we made out there with him, I’ve got to know him a lot better and it’s been a great experience.”

The Governor believes the Hoosier Heartland corridor will mean jobs for generations to come, in agriculture and manufacturing, now that the entire Lafayette to Ft. Wayne stretch is open.

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