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Governors Look for PTC Extension Now, Subsidy Repeal Later


Western governors are among the latest to ask for an extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy. Without action – the credit will expire at the end of the month. Western governors wrote in a letter to the U.S. House and Senate leaders that extending the credit now is critical to achieving the country’s clean energy goals, building the nation’s manufacturing base, creating jobs, lowering energy costs and strengthening domestic energy security. Continued policy uncertainty – they said – would lead to the loss of American jobs. Utah Governor Gary Herbert – Chairman of the Western Governors’ Association – and Vice Chairman John Hickenlooper – Governor of Colorado – say the PTC is vital to the near-term future of renewable energy production across the nation. But they agree the credit should not exist in perpetuity. The Governors believe the short-term extension should be coupled with a broader conversation about revisiting all energy-related tax credits. They say no one energy company or energy source should receive preferential treatment from the government – and believe repealing all federal energy subsidies is the preferred approach.

Source: NAFB News Service