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Great Crops in Clinton County


Mike Beard crop update

Mike Beard-13Much of the season this year USDA has talked about a record corn crop in the fields, and one central Indiana farmer tends to agree. The season is progressing well for Mike Beard of Frankfort in Clinton County.

“We’ve had pretty timely rains,” he said. “Once in awhile the leaves would begin to yellow a little bit or curl on the corn, the soybeans as well, but we soon would get a rain. So we’re looking at a strong crop. I think USDA’s probably right on target. We’re going to have a yield that we haven’t seen for a few years.”

Although the rains have been timely so far, Beard does think it’s time for more water.

“August is the month for soybeans so I need that rain sometime this week and again next week, and the next week to follow. Corn can use some more moisture as well. But about a week ago we were kicking up some mud in the fields which would indicate we were probably doing ok on moisture at the time.”

Beard is staying vigilant looking for signs of disease in his fields.

“We’ve done the fungicide-insecticide on some soybeans. We changed genetics this year so we’re yet to go out into the corn field with any fungicide, but we’re monitoring quite closely though.”

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