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Great Looking Corn in Cass County


Cass County field update

Kevin Wilson in the CornOn a beautiful but windy day HAT visited the president of the Indiana Soybean Alliance on his farm on what also happened to be his birthday. Kevin Wilson farms in Cass County and it wasn’t just the weather Tuesday that was beautiful. His corn fields look very nice too.

“Well it started off really tough,” he said. “We had to wait and wait on cold weather and it just kept raining. I was kind of really concerned there for awhile but we caught a break and started later than we’d hoped, but we had a window of opportunity that came there for about a week and we were able to get all our corn in and it came up really well.”

USDA reported Monday that 73 percent of Indiana corn is rated good to excellent. Wilson says his corn condition is in the same category.

“I think our corn looks pretty good overall. It came up very good. We had good population. We’ve had some pocketing where a few spots had too much water but those are small and the water we did get seemed like we were able to deal with it in a fairly timely manner. Some of the higher ground that doesn’t always normally look really good is looking really good right now.”

Wilson said the soybean crop is also enjoying a good growing season after getting a late start, and there’s been no more weed pressure this year than any other year.

“We use a pre-plant program on corn and beans both and it was a challenge to get them on before the corn or beans came through but we were able to get it done and we’ve had rains to get it started. In fact the corn grew quick and we were not able to get in to some of the corn to do a post roundup but we hit the spots where we knew where the weeds were and I think we’re going to be ok.”

No other corn or bean pests are noted in the scouting reports Wilson is receiving.

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