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Great Northeast Indiana Yields, but Waiting to Get Back to Harvest


In northeast Indiana yields have been good, but corn and soybean growers aren’t very busy this week. That’s the case across much of the eastern Corn Belt. Rob Schuman is a local field sales representative for Specialty Hybrids, and for his customers between Ft. Wayne and Warsaw and into southern Michigan, it is not the active week they would like.

“Yes, we’ve got water everywhere and all harvesting has come to a screeching halt at this point,” Schuman explained.

Prior to the idle time, corn and bean yields have been excellent.

“We had a pretty good growing season. It turned off dry almost to the finish line for a lot of our area but for the most part yields have been excellent. A lot of soybean yields are in the high sixties, in the seventies and even some eighties. Corn yields are well in excess of 200 bushels an acre, even approach north of 250 in some places. There was one specific area in the extreme north eastern part of the state where they actually had too much water and it’s kind of limited yields up that way, so a unique challenge to their area.”

Schuman estimates corn harvest progress in his area at 1/3 complete and soybean harvest is roughly 2/3 complete. With all of that corn yet to shell and persistent stalk quality problems, it will be go-time when field conditions allow.

“Yeah it’s time to get it,” he told HAT. “As soon as this weather straightens up it’ll be hammer time and we will be harvesting in full effect. So, we just need the ground to dry out. The crop’s ready to get and the farmers are ready to go I know, so we just need mother nature to help us out a little bit and get to the harvest finish line.”

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