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Great Planting Progress in Northwest Indiana


Corn done and beans almost too

In the Monday USDA planting progress report for Indiana the northern part of the state was leading the charge for getting corn seed in the ground. Forty-four percent of the acres had been planted in the north compared with 21 percent in the central and 19 percent in the south.

In a HAT Field Update from northwest Indiana, Mark Kingma confirmed that progress has been good.

“Well we’ve been blessed with some very good progress. Our corn is finished and most farmers are either wrapping up or done with corn and planting their beans. We’ve got a couple of days of beans and we will be done.”

Not only has progress been good but he started planting almost right on time.

“We had a lot of rain early near the river, on our low ground where we have it dyked and we were running pumps to get water off and we actually got a pretty reasonable start. We were probably only 2 or 3 days late from our normal first day of planting, so we felt pretty good with that.”

The Jasper County farmer says that was “I believe the 27th. Historically we shoot for the 25th of April and the last couple of years we’ve been the 23rd or 24th, and this year it was the 27th before we got started. We still felt pretty good about that.”

Emerging corn in the Kingma fields looks very good right now.

“Probably at least a third of our corn crop is emerged already and doing very well.”

Early season weeds have not been a problem and the only issue he’s faced is having an adequate spraying window for a field where he needed to kill a well established cover crop.

At the same time Kingma winds down soybean planting, just 6 percent of Indiana beans have been planted.

The full report:HAT Field Update May 14 2013