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Great Soybean Yields Across Central Indiana


Shuter-Bible updates

Mike ShuterHarvest is wrapping up in Indiana even though you’ll still see some uncut soybeans and standing corn, and most farmers are pretty happy with either their corn or bean yields, if not both. In Madison County Mike Shuter is thrilled with record soybeans.

“We ended up with a 67.2 average over everything and a few fields that went 73.4. Our worst yield was 62 ½ so pretty good bean yields.”

Is Shuter happy with 2014 corn yields?

“A lot of variability and no, we’re not very happy with them. I thought we were going to be mid 180’s (bushels per acre) but it’s probably going to be 10 or 15 bushels below that when we get done. We had several fields up above 200 and several fields down around 150.”

Brent BibleShuter said the harvest weather challenges will likely keep him from getting all of his fall strip tillage done so that will have to wait until spring. Both he and Montgomery County farmer Brent Bible told HAT the corn yields have been impacted by a summer that didn’t have enough heat or sunshine.

“Corn likes it warm but not too warm,” said Bible. “I think we were probably not warm enough and as much as anything we didn’t have the sunlight, and corn likes to see that sun. We had a lot of cloudy days this year and I think that probably impacted some of the pollination and then some of the grain fill afterwards more adversely than what we would have thought.”

Bible farms in both Montgomery and Tippecanoe Counties. He said the corn yields were good but they didn’t quite meet the middle of summer expectations. Like Shuter though, soybeans had a “great year. Our soybean yields were some of the best that we have ever had. When you start talking about all farm averages in the 60’s or field averages that might have been in the 70’s, that is very atypical for our area and for our farm in particular. So we were very happy to see the beans respond as they did. The corn was also very good, but a lot of the feedback I’ve gotten from other folks is we had good corn, we just didn’t have great corn.”

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