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Groups Call For Biotech Wheat


Sixteen organizations in the US, Australia and Canada publicly confirmed their support for innovation in wheat, including future use of biotechnology-US Wheat Associates announced Thursday.  The statement lays out commitments for the advancement of biotech traits and other breeding advancement in wheat-echoing a document signed five years ago.  Two new groups have joined the newest document, The American Farm Bureau Federation and the National Farmers Union.  The groups call for further innovation in research as wheat is an essential part of the global diet and critical to food security. 


AFBF President Bob Stallman says AFBF supports the commercialization of biotech traits in wheat.  ”While acknowledging the importance of commercializing biotech wheat to ensure farmers can meet worldwide demand, we are equally adamant that customer choice is paramount, Stallman said.  The U.S. groups signatories include: The American Farm Bureau Federation, National Association of Wheat Growers, the National Farmers Union, the North American Millers’ Association and the U.S. Wheat Associates.