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Growers Cautioned About Moving Too Fast


Sunny skies over the weekend allowed some growers to make progress. Brian Shrader, with Pioneer, says more is being done ahead of the rain that is on its way, ”There is a lot of burndown taking place as we begin the week along with a lot of wheat top dress nitrogen application.” The USDA reported on Monday that 3% of Indiana corn had been planted, well behind the 37% average.  One percent of Hoosier soybeans had been planted.

There looks to be a dry spell set for over the weekend and into next week, and growers are expected to get moving. Shrader says some of our plans may have to change, “We, unfortunately, may have to forget doing some things we had planned on doing. We may have to evaluate our herbicide programs and move to a post-application when we had planned on a pre-plant application.” He added that some of the field preparation that had been planned may also have to be skipped in order to get the crop in the ground in a shortened planting window. Shrader urged producers to not move too quickly into fields that are not ready, “The temptation will be to push things, but we have good weather coming and we still have plenty of time to get good yields.”

According to USDA, the average temperature for the week was 58.3 degrees Fahrenheit, 2.1 degrees above normal for the state. The amount of rainfall varied from 0.30 inches to 4.32 inches over the week. The statewide average precipitation was 1.67 inches.