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Growers Turn to FBN in 2019 to Save a Few Bucks

Nick Lund

Growers Turn to FBN in 2019 to Save a Few Bucks

2019 was all about producing a crop at the lowest possible cost. For some farmers, that meant working with some new partners. Delayed planting and tight margins had many growers doing things differently. This included working with Farmers Business Network to obtain low cost seed. “Farmers were looking to put a crop in the ground cheaper than previous years. They purchased our conventional corn for $99 a bag instead of $300 a bag,” said Nick Lund, with FBN in Fort Wayne.

He said growers also took a different approach to their crop protection program, all in an effort to save a few bucks, “They did not care if it was a generic product or not; they just needed to save money.” Lund added that many skipped traits and just dealt with weed and insect issues if they came up, “In some cases, this was all the bank would allow them to do.”

FBN is also now in the grain marketing business but, again, in a different way. Lund told HAT FBN does not own any elevators or take physical possession of the grain, “Thus, the information we provide to farmers is not biased. We just want to help them make money.” Lund says the biggest problem FBN faces is getting farmers to believe, “There is so much negativity out there that many farmers don’t believe that anyone is on their side. It takes some long conversations for us to prove to them that we are a farmer first company.”

Learn more about Farmers Business Network at https://www.fbn.com.