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Growth Energy Celebrates 5-Years of Hard Work


Buis TomFive-years ago – Growth Energy filed its Green Jobs Waiver with the Environmental Protection Agency to get higher blends of ethanol approved for commercial use. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says Growth Energy recognized increased blends – such as E-15 – would be necessary to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and create jobs domestically while providing consumers a choice and savings at the pump. Five-years later – Buis says Growth Energy’s efforts have been successful. He says the organization has faced every possible legal, regulatory and PR hurdle – but the industry has been resilient. Now – E-15 can be found in 14 states across the U.S. as more retailers are beginning to offer E-15.


 Buis says NASCAR runs on a 15-percent blend of ethanol and has completed more than 5-million miles of racing on ethanol – noting an increase in performance and horsepower. He says E-15 is the most tested fuel in U.S. history – with more than 6-million miles of testing on 86 vehicles without engine problems or durability issues. One thing is clear – he says – E-15 is safe and reliable.

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