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Growth Energy CEO Responds to Latest Oil Price Hike



U.S. oil prices are soaring past 100-dollars a barrel and the average cost of a gallon of gasoline rose 7.5-cents nationwide within the last week. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis notes U.S. oil was less than 40-dollars per barrel in May 2009. He says the nation’s addiction to oil continues to wreak havoc on the economy and consumers. But Buis says there is an alternative that is better for our national security, energy security, our economy and for consumers. He says it’s set forth in the most successful energy policy enacted in the last 40 years – the Renewable Fuel Standard. Buis says 10-percent of the nation’s gasoline supply contains home grown renewable ethanol – and we can do more. But he says some are advocating for the elimination of the RFS. Buis says we need to embrace renewable fuels as an alternative to oil.


He says it’s what American consumers want and deserve – and it’s what America needs to break the dangerous addiction to foreign oil. Buis says we can’t let the oil industry continue to dictate what we pay at the pump – erecting barriers in the free market and blocking renewable fuel options. Buis says it’s time we have a choice, time we have renewable fuels as a solution to high gas prices and time to end oil’s control of our fuel supply.


Source: NAFB News Serivice