Home Energy Growth Energy Plant Membership Rises to 83

Growth Energy Plant Membership Rises to 83


growth energyGrowth Energy now has 83 plant members with the addition of Three Rivers Energy – a Delta T bio-refinery about 70-miles northeast of Columbus, Ohio with a production capacity of 50-million gallons. Over the last several years – Three Rivers Energy COO Eamonn Byrne says Growth Energy has demonstrated its ability to lead the industry’s efforts in creating new markets, developing infrastructure, winning back consumer approval and ensuring the industry’s voice is heard in Washington regarding the RFS. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says Three Rivers is an outstanding facility, a leader in ethanol production and a strong voice for the industry. Buis says their membership strengthens Growth Energy’s ability to represent the industry across the nation and to educate the public on benefits of homegrown, renewable fuels.

Source: NAFB News Service