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Growth Energy Says Comparing E15 to MTBE Absurd


The American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers has compared the polluting and potentially carcinogenic gasoline additive MTBE to ethanol. MTBE has been banned in over half the states nationwide. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says the comparison is absurd. He says AFPM, refiners and oil companies refused to use cleaner-burning, biodegradable ethanol – and instead chose to use an oil-derived alternative that ended up contaminating water systems throughout the U.S. He says they chose MTBE over ethanol until it polluted water systems because of leaks – and switched to ethanol after states and local communities started banning the additive’s use.


According to Buis – the oil companies and groups like AFPM will say and do anything to block market access for biofuels to protect their near monopoly on the liquid fuel system and their bottom line – even if it’s at the expense of their customers.


Source: NAFB News service