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Harvest 2019 is Going to be a Challenge


Harvest 2019 is Going to be a Challenge

Just about every part of this year’s growing season has been a challenge from planting to weed control. Harvest will be no different.

The 2019 harvest is slowly getting underway in some parts of the state. It’s going to be a difficult one for many reasons, but primarily because of the extreme variability in crop development.

Lance Shepherd, with Pioneer, says, “We are definitely going to be harvesting different moisture levels in corn and even in soybeans. So, the drying process will be much different this year since moisture levels will vary widely in different parts of the field.”

Brain Bush, a Pioneer agronomist in SE Indiana, told HAT that in his area moisture levels differ widely from one end of a row to the other.

While very few growers are expecting record yields, Shepherd believes that it will not be that bad considering what the crop has been through.

“Many growers will agree that they did not plan into ideal conditions this spring, yet I see yields as rather good considering that this crop has been through,” he states.

Early yield numbers in SE Indiana have been very disappointing. Shepherd feels yields in NE Indiana will be better.

“I still think we are going to be in the 160bpa to 180bpa on corn. I don’t think we will be breaking any records in 2019.”

He added that harvest activity in the NE has been spotty but is expected to ramp up this weekend and into next week.