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Harvest Forecast: Milder Temperatures Ahead


Dry weather will be the main feature of the forecast for the next week or so, that according to HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin. His harvest weather forecast is presented by First Farmers Bank & Trust, proud to support Indiana farmers, and Kokomo Grain.

Martin says the next chance of rain comes next Thursday or Friday. The issue right now- cooler temperatures.

“Temperatures are going to be slowly climbing higher through the weekend and into the first part of next week,” said Martin. “I hesitate to say that we’re going to be above normal until maybe mid week next week.”

Martin expects varying degrees of sunshine over the next few days. The warmer temperatures coming later this week combined with the cold surface is a recipe for cloud development.

“The more melt we see of the snow and the milder these temperatures get, the less cloud cover we will see,” he said. “If you’re needing sunshine to get some snow off of corn or beans, it’s going to be a little bit of a slow go.”

Martin is expecting a quarter of an inch of rain next week over the majority of the state.

“That front brings in colder air behind it then we see another chance of moisture as we go into the extended forecast window,” he said.

Martin also expects nearly an inch of rain on Thanksgiving.

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