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Harvest Forecast says Plenty of Field Time Ahead



The HAT weekly harvest weather forecast update comes on the heels of some rainy conditions for parts of Indiana and accompanying delays in harvest activity. Hoosier Ag Today chief meteorologist Ryan Martin says it does look like the coming week will bring another lengthy run of dry weather. But the dry stretch isn’t here yet.

“Heavy rains from Friday may leak over into Saturday in parts of the Hoosier state,” he said. “I don’t think coverage is going to be that spectacular, but I will not waive the all clear flag on rain in Indiana until sometime Saturday midday to late afternoon. Even then it comes with a bit of a caveat as we see Hurricane Nate come up. The remains of Nate will then try to sweep across the far eastern Corn Belt. I think it impacts Ohio greatly, but we might see a little bit of moisture in far southeastern parts of Indiana next Monday and into Tuesday. So, keep an eye on that. The rest of the state dries down.”

Martin says after the hurricane remains pass, strong high pressure will be the rule over much of Indiana.

Ryan Martin

“I think we see dry weather Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, basically right on through the 15th into the 16th of October. That means we should be able to get back to harvest as there were some areas that didn’t get nearly as much rain over the past few days. those areas will dry down the quickest. We’ll see nice breezy conditions this week coming up which will also aid in dry down, so yes we’ve had a slowdown in harvest activity, but it does not last long term.”

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