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More Harvest Interruptions Looming



Ryan Martin

Is more rain on the way to interrupt what’s left of harvest again? In the new Seed Consultants harvest forecast Ryan Martin, Hoosier Ag Today chief meteorologist, says there are three systems that could move through Indiana in the next ten days. But it’s not all rain, all the time.

“We do see significant dry windows in between these systems but they are contracting in their length,” Martin explains. “As we go through Sunday we’ve got a nice little wave that moves across the Hoosier state that gives us a few hundredths of an inch to maybe four-tenths. It’s not a lot of moisture but a little bit of dampness here and there. After that we put together two dry days and then we’ve got another system at mid-week next week that looks stronger now. It could be all the way up to three-quarters of an inch of moisture there. Then we dry down for several more days and then another system tries to come anywhere from next Friday through Sunday for about a 24-hour period. So, we do have moisture coming. Make sure you’re ready to try and go in between these systems.”

Martin sees a yoyo effect in temperatures in the next ten days.

“As we finish the weekend to go into the start of next week, south flow will win out. I’m expecting us to be near normal, maybe even slightly above, especially as you go toward mid-week next week. That rain system that comes in on Wednesday might actually drag well above normal temperatures in across the region. But, that system for late next week into the weekend, look out. It drags down some bitter cold air behind, so as we start off the week of Thanksgiving, we’re going to be well below normal across the state.”

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