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Harvest Problems in SE Indiana


Harvest Problems in SE Indiana

Brian Bush

Harvest has been moving at a very good clip in most areas of the state, but there are problems in SE Indiana counties. “Southeast Indiana tends to be the laggard when it comes to harvest,” said  Brian Bush, Pioneer agronomist in SE Indiana.

Bush explained what has been holding up the corn harvest was the hurricane, “The storm we had from the hurricane the first week in September really blew down a lot of corn. So guys started the corn harvest first trying to get that corn picked up before it rotted. They are doing a good job of it, but it has taken a long time.” On the positive side, Bush says yields on corn have been better than many growers had expected.

As for soybeans, yields are good. However, Bush says growers are finding a lot of their beans being docked at the elevator, “We are seeing a lot of discolored soybeans.” He said there are two probable causes for this issue, “That early September storm may have caused premature germination of the beans, or it was caused by frog eye leafspot that was very heavy this year.” He told HAT losses have ranged from 3% to 9% in some fields. He noted that growers who sprayed fungicide this summer had less problems this harvest.

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