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Harvest Weather Forecast: Milder Temperatures On The Way


Moisture works back north across the state to start the weekend. We expect light moisture over 70% of the state Saturday afternoon and evening. Moisture totals will be from a few hundredths to .6”, and we still can’t rule out the potential for some wet snowflakes in there in east central Indiana, particularly evening and overnight Saturday night.

We are dry for Sunday and Monday. Milder temps arrive again on Monday.

Our next good weather system arrives Tuesday afternoon and moisture continues overnight through Wednesday morning. We likely see rain, but if cold air advances, northern areas could see a changeover to snow overnight with some potential accumulation. This comes down to track of the low. Right now, the low stays north and west of the region, which would argue that we stay in the warm sector. But, it won’t take much to swing precipitation type the other way.

We start to clear Wednesday afternoon, and Thanksgiving Day turns out partly to mostly sunny. Temps will moderate thanksgiving afternoon.

The rest of the week shows a mix of clouds and sun, and honestly, we expect more cloud than sun. We can’t rule out scattered light rain or snow showers Friday the 29th, and then again on Sunday the 1st. However, moisture looks minor, and coverage widely spread. The map shows cumulative liquid equivalent precipitation through next Monday.

Extended Period:

For the extended window we are seeing colder air trying to assert itself next week We can’t rule out clouds and some light snow from Tuesday afternoon into the evening (12/3), and then another chance of light rain or light snow Saturday the 7th with minor moisture content, but 80% coverage. The rest of the period looks chilly with clouds and at least some sun, but not a dominant amount of clear sky.

Weeks 3 & 4:

Cold pattern that tries to take root in the 11-16 day period solidifies in week 3. Temps look to be below normal, but we don’t see a lot of heavy moisture coming with the cold. Flurries and lake effect snows will be the most likely precipitation triggers. Week 4 shows temps moderating a bit, getting back to normal, But the moderating temps allow more moisture to lift in from the south and west. This could set up to be a more snowy look the week ahead of Christmas.

Week 3

Precipitation, week ending December 14 (green: above normal, brown: below)

Temperature, Week ending December 14 (orange: above normal, blue: below)

Week 4

Precipitation, Week ending December 21 (green: above normal, brown: below)

Temperature, Week ending December 21 (orange: above normal, blue: below)