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Harvest Windows are Narrowing; Snow Possible Next Week


Harvest Windows are Narrowing; Snow Possible Next Week

The Hoosier Ag Today Harvest Weather Forecast with Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin is presented by First Farmers Bank & Trust, proud to support Indiana farmers, Kokomo Grain, and Seed Genetics Direct: a family-owned company meeting the corn, wheat, soybean, alfalfa, and herbicide needs of Corn Belt farmers. Value. Knowledge. Performance. It’s in their genetics.

Martin says he’s expecting some big-time rains to hit the Hoosier state this weekend.

“I think if you’re north of I-70, you’re in the best area to miss the worst rains. I’m thinking a .25” to 1.25” I-70 north, but you get south of I-70 and we could see anywhere from 1” to 2.5”. It looks like a big slug of rain. The heaviest down near the river.”

After the big rains, Martin’s forecast calls for 2.5 to 3 days of dry weather.

“Probably Sunday midday or early afternoon we’ll see some clearing; some sunshine by the afternoon. I think then you see mostly sunny skies for Monday and Tuesday of next week. The thing is, 2.5 days after getting some potentially heavy rains may not be enough for most of Indiana with regard to being able to get back into the fields.”

The next big weather event comes midweek next week. Martin says that’s when another frontal complex comes in with moisture associated with it; what Martin is calling a “liquid equivalent”.

“Anywhere from 3 or 4 tenths on the low end to maybe an inch on the top end. However, liquid is just part of the story. Notice I said, ‘liquid equivalent’. Anytime you hear me say that you’ve got to figure there’s something that may or may not be liquid coming with it.

“In this case, I think we have to leave the door open to snow. A dramatic drop in temperatures is coming into the Great Plains and Western Belt. I’m looking to see if that wants to come racing in here, too. If it does, it would be overnight Wednesday night into Thursday. A big mess coming…maybe for Halloween.”

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