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Harvesting on Christmas Will Not Likely Happen


Harvesting on Christmas Will Not Likely Happen

Brian Bush

A few weeks ago growers in SE Indiana were expecting to still have crops in the field at Christmas. Now that does not look like it will be the case. A few days of dry weather and cooler temperatures have allowed the harvest in SE Indiana to make significant progress, says Brian Bush with DuPont Pioneer, “The forecast for the next week looks favorable so it looks like the chances of harvesting at Christmas is less, and that is a good thing.” He told HAT for the most part crop conditions and moisture are good, although some fields are still wet and compaction from combines is an issue.

Bush says like other parts of the state, corn yields have been good even on the late planted fields, “Farmers who managed their plated fields correctly are seeing very good yields. Some growers who simply gave up on their late planted crops and not seeing good yields this year.” Bush added that late planted or replanted crops do not always do this well, but 2017 was one of those years where it worked, “Don’t give up on your crop until you see how things turn out.”

Fall tillage may be an issue this year because of the wet conditions we have seen, Bush says fall weed control will still be possible, “There is till time to work on weed control. Those weeds are still growing out there and if we can get them knocked down this fall, they will be less of a problem next spring.” Hoosier Ag Today would like to extend a special thanks to all the DuPont Pioneer agronomist around the state who provided HAT with updated information and insights again this growing season. We look forward to working with them again in 2018.

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