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Harvesting Corn on Christmas


Harvesting Corn on Christmas

Brian Bush

The pace of the 2017 harvest has been slow; and, in many parts of Indiana, it is nearing completion and even wrapped for some growers. However, in SE Indiana, the corn harvest is just getting started, according to Brian Bush with DuPont Pioneer. “Some of the corn that was planted at the end of May is just now nearing maturity. We have many fields with corn still at 30% moisture,” he stated. “Some of our producers are only 2 weeks into harvest and are wondering if they will still be cutting corn on Christmas.”

Bush reports that yields are highly variable, with some growers experiencing average yields and others surprised by higher than expected totals, “It just depends on the planting dates and the kind of soil you have.”

Bush says the wet weather of the past few days and more rain in the forecast has him concerned about the standability of the crop, “A good strong wind could take down a lot of this corn.” He urges growers to check fields and prioritize harvest on stalk integrity. While September provided some great weather for dry down, October and November are not likely to provide the kind of conditions to dry the corn quickly.

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