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Heatwave Helping Stand Establishment


Heatwave Helping Stand Establishment

The above normal temperatures this week are helping with early crop development. After a slow start to germination, corn and soybeans are taking off due to a big increase in growing degree units.

Eric Miller, Indiana agronomist with Pioneer, says this week will be a good chance to evaluate stand establishment.

”The heat we have seen is well received by most of the crops. What we will be able to do this week is get a really good handle on stand establishment.”

Crops planted in April had very slow emergence. However, Miller said crops planted in May are jumping out of the ground,

“We should be able to see emergence of the crop we just planted May 12th this week.” According to the latest crop update,  55% of Indiana corn has emerged, up from 33% just a week ago.

Thirty eight percent of Indiana soybeans have emerged as of Sunday. In the first condition rating, 64% of Indiana corn was rated as good to excellent.

Eighty percent of Indiana corn and 66% of Hoosier soybeans have been planted. Nationally, 88% of corn and 66% of soybeans had been planted.