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Heavy Crop Disease Pressure Likely in 2019


Heavy Crop Disease Pressure Likely in 2019

Disease issues in corn and soybeans had a yield impact in 2018 across Indiana, and we may be in line for a repeat in 2019. With tight profit margins, cutting back on inputs is a consideration,  but growers who did invest in a fungicide treatment in 2018 saw a yield advantage, according to Allan Kurtz with Bayer. He stated, “In corn our average yield increase with a fungicide vs. an untreated was about 16 bpa and in soybeans it was about 8 bpa.”

According to Kurtz, if you had disease pressure last year, it is likely you will see it again this year. “We had a very heavy disease year in 2018 in both corn and soybeans,” he said. “A lot of those diseases do overwinter on the crop residue in the field. So, if you had disease pressure last year you are likely to have it again this year.”

Delaro®, from Bayer has proven to be a good option for many Indiana growers. Kurtz stated, “We are recommending the primary application be at tassel for general disease control and protecting yield.” Kurtz said they also have recommendations on an earlier application around the V6 and V8 stages in corn.

Kurtz said Delaro® is also proven to be effective on Tar Spot, a new disease that caused problems in Indiana fields last year.

“This is a relatively new disease in our area, but it was a lot more severe last year than it had been previously.”

According to Bayer, Delaro® fungicide for corn and soybeans can help you get the edge you’re looking for. Delaro has a broader spectrum of disease control and best-in-class, dual mode of action residual. Plus, it improves plant health.

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