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Helping Direct Bayer Donations to Local Organizations or Schools


Bayer Fund’s America’s Farmers Grow Communities program is back for another year to help strengthen farming communities across the country. Grow Communities is open now, and farmers can enter for the chance to direct a $5,000 donation, double the previous years’ amount, to a local eligible nonprofit organization, school, or ag program.

Bayer Community Outreach Manager Erin Glarner explains why the program was created.

“Yes, so the program was started in 2010 and it was created for farmers to have an opportunity to partner with the Bayer Fund to strengthen rural communities. This year we actually revamped the program to double our donation amount to $5,000. By doubling our amount, we have the opportunity to provide a greater impact in those rural communities.”

Farmers are uniquely positioned through America’s Farmers Grow Communities to nominate a donation to a program of their choice.

“The program works by allowing farmers the opportunity to direct a donation to their nonprofit of choice. So, from now until November 1, farmers can enroll. Then in November and December, Bayer Fund will select and notify those winning farmers.”

Glarner says the donations help rural communities and programs thrive.

“Bayer Fund feels it’s very important for farmers to play a key role in directing funds to their rural communities. Some examples include youth programs such as 4-H clubs or FFA chapters, schools with a STEM or ag program, or other organizations such as food banks. In fact, over the past decade, farmers have helped direct more than $60 million to thousands of schools and nonprofit organizations to help strengthen their communities.”

Enrolling for the chance to win a Grow Communities donation is simple and takes just a couple of minutes.

“Enrolling for the chance to win is really simple. Farmers can visit our website at AmericasFarmers.com or they can call our toll-free number at 1-877-267-3332. Again, the deadline to enroll is November 1.”

Learn the entry requirements and enroll for a chance to direct a donation from Bayer Fund’s America’s Farmers Grow Communities Program online at AmericasFarmers.com.