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Helping Planted Crops Recover


Helping Planted Crops Recover

Dan Emmert

Planting and replanting has been the focus of attention the past few weeks, but we do have a lot of corn and soybeans that are trying to recover.

Waterlogged fields have certainly seen a good deal of their nitrogen leach away. Dan Emmert, with DuPont Pioneer, recommends growers consider an application of anhydrous as soon as fields are dry enough to enter. According to Emmert, “We recommend guys take a look at their nitrogen levels and make sure they still have enough out there to reach their yield goals, realizing those goals may have changed with reduced stands or ponded areas.”

Emmert says anhydrous is the best option, “If they inject anhydrous, it can get through and open up the soil and bring in some needed oxygen into the root zone.”

Many growers are also considering a fungicide application to control diseases and help crops recover from the early season stress. Emmert says you may want to wait on a fungicide application, “We really recommend they wait until the VT time frame.  That is when we see the greatest fungicide response.”

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