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Hi Protein and Oil Important for Soy Farmers’ Bottom Line


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soybeans-womanholdingWhile many farmers are most concerned with high yields from the soybeans they produce, they should also be focusing on the components that impact demand and price. High protein and oil content are particularly important to U.S. soy’s biggest customers, animal agriculture.

High protein levels keep demand from poultry, livestock and fish farmers high, and high demand can lead to higher prices for farmers.

Soy checkoff farmer-leader and southern Illinois soybean farmer Doug Winter says protein and oil are also critical to ensure U.S. soy remains competitive in the global marketplace.

“And to maintain our competitiveness globally to export customers we’re going to have to be ever diligent to increase those volumes of oil and protein that are in our soybeans, in addition to maintaining our yield.”

Winter says varieties that will produce higher levels of protein and oil without sacrificing yield are available to plant now, just ask your seed dealer for them.

For more information on how quality can increase demand for U.S. soybeans, and the price you receive, visit www.beyondtheelevator.com.