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Higher Level of Confidence in Safety of U.S. Food Supply


A new survey from the International Food Information Council shows the vast majority of Americans have confidence in the safety of the U.S. food supply. In fact – the 2012 Food and Health Survey shows a jump over last year’s confidence numbers. Given the survey was fielded during the first two weeks of April – when food safety headlines about Salmonella sushi, E. coli beef and new limits in antibiotics in agriculture were widespread – the IFIC found the results particularly interesting. According to the survey – 78-percent of those surveyed were either somewhat confident or very confident in the safety of the domestic food supply. That number was closer to 50-percent last year.

The question was phrased slightly different this year. IFIC Senior Vice President of Nutrition and Food Safety Marianne Smith Edge says they used very confident instead of extremely confident for the high end of the spectrum. Eighty-five percent of those surveyed said they gave a little or a lot of thought to the safety of food and beverages over the past year – but most think the chances are low that they will come down with foodborne illness. Smith Edge says 57-percent strongly or somewhat agree their chance is extremely low. A lower percentage of Americans have confidence in the safety of imported food. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed believe imported foods are less safe than the foods produced and grown in the U.S.

Along those lines – farmers and producers got a vote of confidence where the survey asked how good a job they thought certain elements of the food chain are doing to ensure the safety of food. While 94-percent said the person preparing the food in their home does a good, very good or excellent job ensuring safety – 82-percent said the same about farmers and producers.


Source: NAFB News Service