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Higher Yields with Less Cost


Sharpening the Pencils Even More

Bill Kissinger,
Bill Kissinger,

In 2016, growers had to get creative to find ways to  reduce production costs. That same approach will have to be taken in 2017. Corn and soybean farmers especially will have to find ways to produce more with less cost. One way many producers are lowering their costs is by taking a hard look at the traits they purchase for their seed.  Bill Kissinger, regional sales agronomist  with Stine Seeds, suggests you view your trait package like you do your insurance policy, “How much insect pressure to I really have on my farm, so what insect packages do I really need? What herbicide packages do I really need? Can I go back to a convention hybrid or straight glyphosate corn? Guys are really asking these questions and taking this into consideration as they plan for 2017.” He added that many growers are taking a close look at how much risk they are comfortable with and how much protection can they afford to take.

Many soybean growers in 2016 looked at lowering their seed population number. Dr. Shawn Casteel has done research showing you can lower your soybean population without hurting yield.

Kissinger says there are other factors to consider, “But you also have to look at your soil type and what kind of planters do you have.”  He said you have to weigh the pros and cons of such a move, but, in the end, “You have to have a stand.” He says every farmer and every field is different and suggests working with your seed provider to assess the plans you have for 2017.