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 Highly Variable Yields, The Story in SE Indiana


 Highly Variable Yields, The Story in SE Indiana

Brian Bush

It seems to be the story across the state: early yields are all over the place. This also is the story in SE Indiana. Corn harvesting is getting underway in Southeastern counties and Brian Bush, with DuPont Pioneer, says the earlier planted corn is doing better, “2017 is another reminder that we need to plant in the spring as early as possible.” Yield results are proving to be highly variable, “Some of the corn on sandy soils has really suffered with the dry August, and we are seeing yields of only about 150 bpa. But on other soils, we are seeing great yields, topping 250 bpa.”

Bush says this variability occurs within fields, especially ones with a good deal of replant, ”I was in a combine and, in the front of the field, the yield monitor was hitting 240 bpa. When we got into the back half of the field where the corn had been replanted, it dropped 100 bpa into the 140s.”

The story is similar for soybeans with the earlier planted soybeans doing the best. Bush said, “The soybean yields look surprisingly good even in areas with thinner stands. But some of the areas of a field where we had washouts, the yields really fall off.”

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