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Hog Backups Won’t Disappear After Processing Plants Open


Tyson in Logansport resumed limited operations on Thursday with a new mobile medical clinic located on site. Indiana Packers in Delphi announced yesterday that they would be resuming operations today after 301 employees, about 13% of their workforce, tested positive for COVID-19 after their testing concluded on May 1.  

Backups of animals on Indiana farms continue to be an issue. Indiana Pork Executive Director Josh Trenary says they are not aware of any Hoosier farmers who have had to make the heart wrenching decision to euthanize their animals because of those backups.

“I know there have been some inquiries both to our organization and to the Board of Animal Health as people try to have those plans in place should it come to that.”

Trenary says the backups on Indiana farms won’t just magically disappear after these plants reopen.

“That’s the complicated thing about this situation. The backup in Indiana started well before the plants closed.”

And that was due to the plants already limiting production as workers stayed home sick and the lack of food service orders with restaurants shut down.

Trenary says, though, getting the plants open is a good start.

“It’ll be great to get the plants back up and running and that’s going to be the beginning of getting things moving again as they learn some things from their reopening and ramp up from the lower level up to something more near full capacity. I doubt they’ll hit full capacity with all these protective measures that the plants have in place.”

Trenary says they are working with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health regarding plans and funding for euthanizing animals should it come to that.