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Holcomb Campaign Announces Farm Leader Endorsements


Holcomb Campaign Announces Farm Leader Endorsements

Eric Holcomb
Eric Holcomb

Rural and agricultural issues have not been a big part of the campaign for Indiana Governor. But on Friday, the Holcomb campaign announced key endorsements by a large group of Indiana farm leaders. Fifty-three  farmers and farm leaders from across the state have publicly endorsed the GOP candidate Eric Holcomb for Governor. Jim Mosely, Tippecanoe County farmer and former top USDA official, is one of them. He told HAT it was not the campaign’s stand on any particular policy issue, but the fact that there has not been a lot of policy specifics when it comes to agriculture that got his support, “As soon as you go out and say this is the way it ought to be, you limit yourself. I really respect an individual who puts himself in that position and says I want to dig deeper.”

jim-moselyMosely said Holcomb is a man who will listen and who bring the right folks together to keep Indiana agriculture moving forward, “Anyone who says they know all that is required across agencies or across government is just kidding themselves.” He said Holcomb is willing to ask questions and learn from people.

Mosely stated Holcomb’s support for ISDA is another reason for his support. He sees state efforts to bring added value to Indiana agriculture as vital, especially in these challenging economic times. “I would anticipate that we would see more efforts to bring more players into the state.“ Mosely added, “Notwithstanding the difficulty of commodity prices these days, Indiana agriculture is on a roll.  As governor, Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb will continue the policies and business-friendly state regulatory climate that will continue the growth and prosperity of Indiana food and agriculture.”

The John Gregg campaign has outlined several specific policy objectives, and Gregg maintains he understands the needs of Indiana farmers and rural residents.

Those included in the public endorsement of Holcomb are:

Sonny & Scott Beck – Hamilton County
Keith & Sharyl Berry – Putnam County
Bruce & Ginger Buchanan – Benton County
Kent & Isabella Chism – Howard County
Mike & Nancy Cline – Tipton County
Chuck Conner – Benton County
Harold & Karen Cooper – Jackson County
Fritz & Jane Elder Kunzman – Marion County
Brian & Lorene Furrer – White County
Bob & Nancy Guernsey – Boone County
Roger Hadley – Allen County
David & Mary Howell – Delaware County
Don & Jodie Lamb – Boone County
Donnie & Tammy Lawson – Boone County
Mark Legan – Putnam County
Tom & Karen McKinney – Tipton County
Elisha Kemp – Marion County
Jim & Kathy Moseley – Tippecanoe County
Jerry & Robin Nickel – Franklin County
John & Nan Nidlinger – Adams County
Ken & Beth Perkins – Wabash County
Gary & Cindy Reynolds – Hamilton County
Dave & Danita Rodibaugh – Jasper County
Ken & Jane Rulon – Hamilton County
Mike & Susan Shuter – Madison County
Kip Tom – Kosciusko County
Scott & Wende Tucker – Kosciusko County
Ron & Mindy Truex – Kosciusko County
Del & Tammy Unger – Sullivan County