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Holcomb Excited for the Indiana State Fair and ‘Anxious’ to See Aug. 12 Crop Report


The Indiana State Fair kicked off on Friday morning with the traditional opening ceremonies; however, many of us were there prior to those ceremonies enjoying a nice ham breakfast sponsored by Indiana Pork. Senator Todd Young, Congressman Jim Baird, state representatives, and other ag leaders filled the Indiana Farm Bureau Building. Governor Eric Holcomb was also in attendance and addressed the crowd.

“I’m extremely proud to not just associate with the men and women in this room, but to know of the heritage that they’ve built that really has been the foundation for our state.”

Holcomb shared his memories of the attending the fair as a child and said it really brings Indiana together.

“My wife grew up in Delaware County and she showed in 4-H throughout her life, and so you think about the generational memories that have occurred out here for folks who are both in ag and not. Our state fair is in our capital city. So, it’s in a very urban area which is somewhat unique. It’s not the only one around the country, but it’s somewhat unique in that it really does pull urban, suburban, and rural Indiana to a single event unlike any other thing we do all year long.”

Holcomb also expressed his concern for farmers in this trying year of trade disputes and weather concerns. He sent a letter to Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue requesting a disaster designation for 88 of Indiana’s 92 counties just weeks ago.

“We’re obviously anxious for August 12 when the crop report comes out and we get to see the lay of the land, so to speak, but we’ll continue to not take anything for granted. We’ll stay in constant contact with our federal partners so that in fact we can weather these times. Look- there’s no more resilient group then America’s farmer.

Watch the full interview with Holcomb in the video from the breakfast above.