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Hoosier Ag Today iOS App Up(dated) and Running


Hoosier Ag Today has released an update to its iOS (iPhone Operating System) app, making it compatible with iOS 11. Hoosier farmers can now check markets, weather, news, and hear the “Hoosier Ag Today Morning Edition” podcast again on their iPhones and iPads. Apple released iOS 11 to iPhones and iPads in September of 2017, and it left many apps in need of being updated for compatibility, including the Hoosier Ag Today app.

The HAT app has since been updated and is now fully functional on iOS. You can download it for free in the App Store by clicking here. For Android users, the app is also free here. The “Hoosier Ag Today Morning Edition” podcast is also available via Amazon Alexa. By following this link you can add Hoosier Ag Today to Alexa’s skills. Then just simply ask, “Alexa, what’s in the news?”

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