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Hoosier Ag Today to Publish Farm World e-newsletter


The success of any marketing effort depends on reaching your target audience and on connecting with your customers and potential customers with relevant ad content. A new collaborative effort between two of Indiana’s leading agricultural media organizations, Hoosier Ag Today and Farm World, provides unprecedented, multi-media reach with dynamic content and documented engagement.  That content is now being delivered to thousands of Hoosier farmers daily with 2 e-newsletters.

For the past 8 years, Hoosier Ag Today has published a daily e-newsletter which will continue to be published daily. Beginning this month, HAT is also coordinating the publication and distribution of the Farm World e-newsletter. This new digital publication is being offered free to Farm World subscribers. The content in this newsletter is produced by both Farm World and Hoosier Ag Today and includes news, commentaries, a market review, and a customized, farm weather forecast.  Short, concise, and only taking a few minutes to read, the newsletter provides links to complete in-depth coverage and to additional resources provided by both HAT and Farm World.

“Farm World is excited to deliver a daily e-newsletter, providing current farm information to our paid newspaper subscribers and others that wish to join the list,” stated Gary Thoe, President, MidCountry Media, Inc, publisher of Farm World newspaper. “We are also thrilled that it is powered by partner Hoosier Ag Today, and look forward to collaborations on other digital projects with HAT”

According to Gary Truitt, President of Hoosier Ag Today, “The internet is all about reach and engagement. By combining our resources with Farm World, we can more effectively reach the Indiana agricultural community with our compelling content.”

There are two databases used for newsletter distribution. The first is the Hoosier Ag Today list which consists of HAT radio listeners and regular website visitors. The majority of these are row crop farmers, 26% farm over 1000 acres and another 40% farm between 200 – 500 acres.  Farm organizations, farmer leaders, and local influencers also make up a significant percentage of this database.   The Farm World list consists of Farm World newspaper subscribers who have opted in to the newsletter.  Nearly one-third (29%) of subscribers are under the age of 55, and 19% farm 1,000+ acres while 51% farm between 100 – 999 acres. Reach will be extended by placing content on the social media platforms of both organizations.

Advertising and sponsored content within the two newsletters is being coordinated by Hoosier Ag Today. Current Farm World advertisers will have the opportunity to add digital advertising to their print packages.  Current Hoosier Ag Today advertisers can opt to advertise in just the HAT e-newsletter or to expand their coverage by also being placed in the Farm World e-newsletter. HAT advertisers may also combine their radio campaigns with digital coverage in one of both of the e-newsletters.